Your cookie Jar

All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream

"you came to make memories?"

"No I came to escape them"

I hope you do better for someone else .

#dead, soon I explore alone … What a time to be lost

First night in Paris weeeee


I like texts at 3am from people asking me to go on blunt rides
I finally see what friends are for

"I just want you to want me, plain and simple. I want her skin to remind you of how much you loved mine,her lips to be a bit too clumsy for your liking, her hands to be a little too dry when you need to turn a page, as she goes to bed with her make up for you to hate it, and when you are out together and someone wearing my perfume passes you, for you to forget what she was saying. Most of all I don’t want to want you"

And in the end whatever I do I come out as selfish. I shall repeat a familiar process,because I can’t keep him in my heart. They have let go so what are the chances of me seeing my lover smoking golds outside some remote caffe in Paris, this isn’t cloud atlas .Let me take you on my solo coach adventure now, as we try to do our best to get by and live.

“Mum I haven’t slept a lot for the past two days, and it feels a bit like my life is a roller coaster inside of a maze and I hope its a faze. So yeah I lost patience with it all. I’m going to Paris, I got my tickets”

“ Alright thats the spirit, there are no memories from sleep ,take your camera. So when do you leave”

“In 5 hours”

“A bit too much spirit”


Castle Rock

I get your messages, and thank you I hope its safe for my stuff.   I don’t  think you receive my questions … if you get them all at the same time please don’t freak out :)

“My darling, you are beautiful in every way possible, remember that. Whats more you make others around you feel the same way, so why don’t you give yourself a break.   Make yourself a cuppa , everything is going to be alright, I promise”.